How it works

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Your employees can choose between more than 500 sports facilities in our system

Show your FitPass membership card at the gym and enjoy your workout

What are the FitPass benefits?


FitPass is an excellent way to generate savings for your company and build positive employer image. By joining the program, you will increase employee job effectiveness, strengthen loyalty and reduce sick leave


Thanks to the program, your employees will get unlimited access to sports and recreation activities. As research says, well-rested and energized employees guarantee higher effort and better results.


According to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Union and its Member States, 60 minutes of physical activity per day are recommended for young people, and minimum of 30 minutes for adults. Physical exercise reduces the risk of many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and some forms of cancer. Moreover, physical activity improves skeletal health and psychological well-being.

What is the cost


Based on type of company and the budget, we prepare special offer that best suits your needs and expectiations


In most cases, FitPass cost is fully covered by employer . In certain cases, we implement co-payment scheme where both employer and employee contribute to FitPass price

Accounting and Payment Terms

Accounting period is one month. We issue an invoice on 1st day of the month, due 14 days after day of issuing


FitPass presents the widest sports and recreational offer in entire Serbia - with a FitPass card, your employees get access to more than 200 sports facilities. This number of facilities increases by 10-15 every week. We give you flexibility - if you cannot fully cover the cost of FitPass card for your employees, we are open to a solution where your employees co-pay for the access, or have limited number of entries. You get proffessional support at each step - we deliver the cards, take back the cards, exchange the faulty ones.