FitPass is offering monthly fee which allows you to go to over 500 sport facilities in Serbia that are in FitPass system. Instead of paying monthly fee in one sport facility you can go to variety off sport facilities and train in over 50 disciplines.

You can find complete list of covered sport facilities on page Objects

Almost all activities in our system are without additional fee. In some cases, like personal trainings and other premium activities, there is a small fee that user need to pay in the sport facility. See the list of our sport facilities for additional info on page Objects

You can use your FitPass card once per day. Depending on the card type, you have different monthly plans and number of times you can use your FitPass card.

NO. Only the owner of the FitPass card can use it and his/her child (max 14. old) in presence of the parents. Each FitPass card has its unique chip and registration number, which is dedicated to user. FitPass cards will be checked by the staff in the sport facility.

FitPass User

Visit our web page, register, and choose the type of the monthly plan that suits your needs. After that, you will get payment instructions on your email. When we record your payment we will send your FitPass card to be created. Second option is that you can come in our office and we will do all that things right here manually. In 2 working days your FitPass card will be ready for you to pick it up.

Each month we will send you e-mail with information and instruction for payment. You can pay with cash or with credit card right here in our office. We are offering payments 3, 6, 12 months upfront – for additional information please call our Call Center.

You will get your personalized FitPass card 2 working days after your purchase. Card will be active when you pick it up.

Yes, in our office we accept payments with this credit cards: MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, Dina Card and Diners Club.

Business Users

You can become FitPass user if you are employed in a company that is registered in Serbia and if your employer is partner with FitPass, system that is operated by the Emergo Sport d.o.o.

You need to check with you HR director. Each company has its own type of payments.

FitPass card will be delivered directly to your company. Your HR staff will give cards to its employees.

It’s possible that we didn’t reach your company – you can give us the contact of your HR department and we will contact them to become FitPass partners. If your company is not interested in FitPass then you can buy FitPass card like a regular user and choose your monthly plan.