Buying/renewing membership with the payment slip or in stores will no longer be available. For more information please visit link.

Train for an A!Ā šŸŽ“

Take a break fromĀ studying and start training!

Special offer for students

1.400 RSD

Strengthen your muscles and discipline!

With the FitPass Student membership, you can train 12 times a month, from 7 am to 3 pm, in selected sports facilities in Belgrade and Novi Sad.Ā šŸ—ŗļø

By going to training regularly, you will strengthen not only your muscles, but also your discipline in completing obligations on time. In addition to your figure, your exercise routine will bringĀ good grades in the index, maybe even in your love life. šŸ˜

In order not to disturb the rhythm in your student obligations and studying, we chose sports facilities near faculties, reading rooms and dormitories. šŸ™Œ

Welcome to the FitPass family!

12 entries per month

Trainings from 7am to 3pm

Access to selected facilities in Belgrade and Novi Sad!

Near faculties, student dorms and reading rooms

How to buy a FitPass Student membership? šŸ¤”

When registering, it is necessary to submit the original certificate of attendance of an accredited higher education institution in Serbia or the original certificate of attendance at a university in Belgrade, Novi Sad or abroad, which must be in Serbian, English or Hungarian.

Take a photo of the original confirmation and insert it in the indicated field on the site during registration.
It's all from the bureaucracy - take our word for it! šŸ™Š
The certificate is valid for the current school year, until October 31. After that, you can extend it by sending a new certificate for the next school year.

FitPass Student membership is intended for students up to 26 years of age.
For all those who do not have student status, they can look at the regular offer of FitPass membership or convince the boss to get it as a benefit at work. šŸ˜

Gyms in which the FitPass Student membership is valid!

Novi SadBelgrade

Special offer for students

12 termina mesečno / 40 teretana u Beogradu i Novom Sadu / od 07h do 15h

1.400 RSD