Train for an A!

Take a break from studying and make time for training!

Special offer for students

1.400 RSD

You still don’t have a FitPass Student card?

How many times did you want to start with training between lectures and taking exams, and you didn’t make it? Because of the overcrowded schedule, you do not have time to go training and to take a break? Now you no longer have an excuse, get your personalized FitPass Student card with 12 entries at a price of 1.400 RSD and train in the best gyms in Belgrade or Novi Sad! Lectures will be less stressful if you adapt them to trainings in specially selected gyms near your faculty. So, take a break and find out why FitPass Student is the right choice for you!

Welcome to the FitPass family!

12 entries per month

Exercise in selected gyms

You can use in different gyms

Access to over 30 gyms in Belgrade and 9 in Novi Sad

Near faculties, student dorms and reading rooms. (soon in other cities)

What do you need to buy the FitPass Student membership?

When registering yourself, it is necessary to provide the original certificate of attendance to an accredited higher education institution in the territory of Serbia or the original certificate of attendance at the faculties abroad / offices in Belgrade or Novi Sad, which must be in Serbian, English, Hungarian or translated into Serbian. 

Take a photo of the original confirmation and, when registering, place it in the indicated box on the site.

Card validity period:
One year (for the school year until 31.10, after which the validity can be extended for the next school year.

Note: The FitPass Student Card is made for students aged under 26 years.

Gyms in which the FitPass Student card is valid!

Novi SadBelgrade

Special offer for students

12 entries per month / Access to over 30 gyms in Belgrade and 9 in Novi Sad in the period between 07h-15h.

1.400 RSD