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Exercise wherever and whenever you want! By purchasing one of the Studio packages, you also get the Fitpass Studio app for exercising at home. Download the app, find the right exercises for all muscle groups and create your training plan.

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Trainings tailored to your needs
Exercises to increase muscle mass, weight loss or body shape - are tailored specifically for your individual goals. With more than 700 video exercises and trainings, and access to hundreds of sport facilities, you can start your progress today!
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Over 500 demonstration exercises through video content

Search for video exercises or complete video workouts for specific muscle groups or goals. All exercises are performed in the gym or at home.

Track your progress

Analyze your data and reach your goals in the most efficient way possible. Be proud of your progress.

Make your own training plan

Choose an exercise, entire training session or an exercise program that fits your goals. With a well-planned time and reminders, you no longer have an excuse to miss your training.


Discover other FitPass Studio members who share your love for shoulder or gluteus exercises and connect with them. Share your observations with others, seek advice or learn something new.