Frequently asked questions

Below you can find answers to the frequently asked questions about your Fitpass membership

What is Fitpass and how to use it?
About sports facilities and disciplines
Buying Fitpass for yourself?
If you use Fitpass through a company?
Fitpass Studio

1. What is Fitpass and how to use it?

1. What is Fitpass?

Fitpass is a digital membership that gives you access to the best sports facilities throughout the country.

2. How to check-in with QR code?

Download the Fitpass app via Google Play, Apple store or AppGallery. Log in to the app with your user credentials and turn on QR code scanner.

At the entrance of each sport facility you can find QR code stand.

After scanning the QR code your entrance will be logged. Just show your phone with the successful confirmation to the personnel.


3. What are the benefits of Fitpass?

Instead of paying a single membership in a specific sports center, we offer you the opportunity to access a large number of sports facilities in 30 cities in Serbia with a single membership, at a price lower than the standard monthly membership, and train over 70 disciplines that you have on offer. Adjust the activities to your needs and be active wherever you are!

Special benefits and discounts that contribute to a healthier lifestyle, which you get by using Fitpass services, will contribute to motivation and facilitate the path to a better quality and healthier life.

4. How often may I use Fitpass membership?

You can use one appointment per day.

5. In which cities may I use Fitpass membership?

You can use Fitpass in more than 30 cities in Serbia, in any sports facility that is part of the Fitpass system.  See the list here

6. Can others use my membership?

Using someone else’s membership is not allowed. Each card is personalized and can be used only by its owner.

7. May my childer use my Fitpass membership?

A parent can transfer the membership to a child up to 15 years old. The only condition is that the parent is present.

It is not possible to use the membership by a parent and a child at the same time.

2. About sports facilities and disciplines

1. Which sports facilities may I use with Fitpass membership?

With every membership, except for the student, you can use all the sports facilities that are in the Fitpass system. See the list of all sports facilities on the page SPORT FACILITIES.

2. How can I find a desirable sports facility or discipline in my area?

Check our page SPORT FACILITIES to find a list of facilities located in the Fitpass partner network. Through filters for the city, part of the city, disciplines and names of facilities, you can find a facility or discipline that interests you.

3. How can I find more information about cartain sports facilitiy?

See the list of available sports facilities on the FACILITIES page. By clicking on the desired facility, you can find out more information about it (city, part of the city, exact address, rating, conditions and services offered to Fitpass users).

*Don't forget to read the information about the facility before you visit it, in order to check what services are offered as well as whether there is a mandatory reservation of appointments and training, the facility's working hours and other details.

4. May I visit several sports facilities per one month?

Yes. Train in any facility from our system! Try swimming, diving, jiujitsu, karate or training in the gym.

5. Which sport disciplines and activities may I use in Fitpass system?

In the Fitpass system there are 70+ disciplines that you can try! On the FACILITIES page, select the activity and discipline you want.

6. May I use all activities without extra charge?

Most of the activities from our system are not paid for additionally, while some premium activities require an additional payment.

7. Do I need to make a reservation before I go to sports facility?

Most of the activities found in the Fitpass system do not require announcement and reservation. However, certain activities have dates and the number of possible members at the training, which is why you need to register or book an appointment. On the FACILITIES page, you can find the desired facility or discipline and find all the necessary information in the description.

3. Buying Fitpass for yourself?

1. How can I get Fitpass membership?

Visit the Fitpass membership page and select the package you want. Fill in the required fields with your personal information and add your payment card details. After the payment, you will receive an email with the login information for the Fitpass mobile app, as well as a confirmation email that your membership is active. Payment is available online through our website.

2. Which packages of Fitpass membership may I choose?

Fitpass offers monthly membership fees of 12, 16 and 30/31 terms and multi-month membership of 3 and 6 months, which have 16 terms for each month. A discount is calculated on monthly membership. For more information about packages, visit our Fitpass home page.

3. How is Fitpass membership activated?

After the payment is done, you will receive an email that your membership is active.

4. May I pause or stop active Fitpass membership?

You can pause the membership if you are a private user and have a multi-month membership, once continuously for 15 days if you have a three-month package, and once continuously for 30 days if you have a six-month package. Your membership will be automatically activated after 15 or 30 days.

One-month memberships cannot be paused.

5. How to check the number of remaining term and expiration date of membership?

You can check the number of remaining appointments in the profile section of the application.

6. Are the unused term transferred to the following month/ membership?

Unused terms are not transferred to the next month/membership.

7. How to re-charge my membership?

On your user profile, on the web or within the mobile app, select the "Buy membership" option, then the package you want to buy and add your payment method details. After payment is done, your membership will be active immediately! Whether you decide to change the package or renew the current one, the process is the same. The new membership will be activated upon the expiration of the old membership.

8. How can I get a discount through the referral system?

Log in to your account and refer a friend who wants to exercise. For each friend who buy a Fitpass, you get a 20% discount on the next membership, and your friend gets a 30% discount on the first purchase.

9. I can’t log in into my user profile. What should I do?

It's important to do following steps:

1. Check if you own a Fitpass card or users number in Fitpass application?
2. Did you register with the same e-mail address as in the beginning?
3. Do you pick an option ''log in'', not ''register''?
4. Do you register using the same account as on the beginning (Google account)?*

* If you didn’t solve the problem, please contact our IT support (you need to have a username, e-mail, contact telephone number besides we have your FitPass number).

10. When I am registering at, I'm getting the information that the user is already exists. What does it mean?

It means that someone registered with e-mail that already exists in our system. You or someone else are registered and ordered Fitpass card. It’s forbidden to register multiple times with the same e-mail address.

11. The phone number that I entered (in process of registration) is already in the system. What does it mean?

This means that you or other person in process of registration entered the same phone number. It’s forbidden to register multiple times with the same phone number.

12. I forgot my password.

Select the option "Login", then "forgot password". We will send you a new email.

13. I forgot my email adress.

Select all 3 options, "Login", "Forgot password" and "Forgot email address". Enter your user number and click on "Reset password". A partially hidden email address will be displayed. If you recognize it, select the "Reset password" option again. Otherwise, select "I do not recognize the email address" and someone from support will contact you soon.

14. My membership expires today. Can I still use it today?

Yes, if you have remaining appointments available. Your membership is valid until the day it expires.

15. I have used all the terms during the duration of the membership, can I immediately pay the renewal for a new one?

Yes, if you have no remaining appointments available, the new membership fee is automatically activated from the date of the recorded payment. If you have available dates at the time of payment, renewal, membership fee, the new membership fee will become active only after the expiration of the current one.

16. My membership is active for another 6 months, and I have no more appointments available. What should I do?

This means that all terms from the selected term have been used. Wait for the balance, i.e. the beginning of the next month.

17. If I opt for a certain package during registration (for example Basic package), can I change the package later?

After you decide on one of the packages, no change is allowed. There is no option to resubmit payment information. This only applies to the first membership.

18. Do you guarantee that all facilities will be available during the duration of my membership?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee with certainty for each object individually, but it is very rare that partners leave the system. Certainly, every sports facility is contractually obligated to provide services to Fitpass users. If the termination of the contract does occur, we send a notification and try to find an adequate alternative as quickly as possible.

19. Is it possible to switch from the standard (regular) Fitpass membership fee to the Student Fitpass membership fee?

To change the status and obtain the necessary information, write to us at

20. Why can't I buy my membership at the physical location like before?

Due to the new Law on Fiscalization and the introduction of fiscal cash, which came into force on May 1, 2022, we will unfortunately no longer be able to offer our users the purchase of Fitpass membership via a payment slip or by going to one of the facilities.

From now on, all users will be able to purchase or extend membership fees by paying directly on our website. After paying the membership, it will be active immediately.

21. Who is entitled to the Student membership? 

The Student Fitpass membership fee is intended for all students with a certificate of full-time study.

You can find out more information on the Fitpass Student home page.

22. How to use the Fitpass Student membership?

In order to access the desired facility in the Fitpass system, you need to scan the QR code at the entrance using the Fitpass application in the designated place and show the successful check-in to the staff of the facility, who at the same time receives a check-in confirmation from the system. Entry to the desired facility is no later than 3 p.m.

23. How often can I use the Fitpass Student membership?

It is possible to use one appointment per day.

24. In which cities can I use the Fitpass Student membership?

Currently, the Student Fitpass membership covers only the territories of Belgrade and Novi Sad.

25. Can other people use my Student membership?

Using someone else's Student Fitpass membership fee is not allowed. Each Student Fitpass membership fee is personalized and is valid with a personal identification document.

26. What facilities are available in the Student Fitpass system?

You can see the complete list here.

27. How to activate the Student Fitpass membership fee?

Whether you are buying Fitpass for the first time or renewing an existing membership, your membership will be activated immediately after payment. After the membership fee is active, you will receive a notification via email.

28. How is the new Student Fitpass membership fee paid?

On your user profile, on the web or within the application, select the option "Extend the membership fee", then select the Student package and attach the certificate of study. Add data from your payment card. After paying the membership fee, it will be active immediately!

29. Is it possible to switch from the Fitpass Student membership fee to the standard membership fee?

To change the status and obtain the necessary information, write to us at

30. I just bought the membership. When can I start training?

You can go to training today! Immediately after payment, you will receive a confirmation of membership fee activation.

4. If you use Fitpass through a company?

1. How can I get Fitpass membership?

You can get a Fitpass membership if you are employed in a company registered in Serbia and if your employer is part of the Fitpass system.

Find all the necessary information about potential cooperation at the following link.

2. How can I pay Fitpass membership fee?

Payment of the membership fee for business users depends on the company you work for, that is, on the type of contract. Please contact your HR or the person responsible for company benefits.

43. My company isn’t partner of Fitpass system. What should I do?

If you would like your company to be part of the Fitpass system and provide additional benefits to their employees, write us on and leave us the contact details of the HR department or the responsible person for corporate benefits and we will reach out to them.

5. Fitpass Studio

1. Which Packages Fitpass Studio membership may I choose?

In Fitpass offer there are Classic membership fee, Classic S and Classic M membership fee, there are also monthly Fitpass memberships: Basic Studio membership which contains 12 FitPass terms + monthly use of Fitpass Studio App, Classic Studio membership which contains 16 FitPass terms + monthly use of FitPass Studio App and Elite Studio which contains 30/31 terms + monthly use of Fitpass Studio App. On multi-monthly membership fees Classic S Studio membership which contains 3 months with 16 Fitpass terms per month + 3 months of using Fitpass Studio App and Classic M Studio membership which contains 6 months with 16 Fitpass terms per month + 6 months of using FitPass Studio App.

2. How can I activate my Fitpass Studio App?

Download your Fitpass Studio App on Google Play, App Store or App Gallery store. After downloading the app, insert your credentials (e-mail and password), that are connected with your Fitpass account.

3. I want to take a break between membership, can I continue using Fitpass Studio app?

After the membership fee expires, it is not possible to continue using Fitpass Studio application.

4. Will all the information related to my profile on Fitpass Studio App remain unchanged during the break between the membership fees?

All the information on your Fitpass Studio account will stay unchanged from the moment you stop use the app till the moment you login again after a while.

5. Can I pay for the Fitpass Studio App separately without a Fitpass membership?

It is not possible to pay only for Fitpass Studio App. Using of Fitpass Studio App is only possible with Fitpass Studio package.

6. I can't login on the Fitpass Studio App?

If you have problem with login on the Fitpass Studio App, you should check:

-Did you use the email address conected with your FitPass account (Email address that you used when you applied for the Fitpass)

-Did you use the password cconected with your FitPass account (Password you created when logging in to Fitpass) 

7. I spent all the Fitpass terms before the expired date of membership, can I use the Fitpass Studio App till the expiration date?

You can use Fitpass Studio App till the expiration date of your membership, no matter that you spent all your Fitpass terms.

8. Where can I find the expiration date for the Fitpass Studio App, I can't find this information anywhere on the App?

The expiration date of your Fitpass Studio membership is available on your Fitpass profile, on the Fitpass App that you use for entering in the facilities and scanning QR code, same as on your profile on the Fitpass website. Information about the expiration date is not available on the Fitpass Studio App.