The Classic Gym

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Working hours

Monday 7:00-22:30
Tuesday 7:00-22:30
Wednesday 7:00-22:30
Thursday 7:00-22:30
Friday 7:00-22:30
Saturday 8:00-22:00
Sunday 9:00-21:00

About us

The Classic Gym provides unlimited opportunities for your advancement, whether it comes to professional athletes, amateurs etc. We offer different forms of recreation that can improve the practice of regular general physical condition and have a positive impact on the working and living skills. Depending on the age, sex, current state of physical fitness and the desire, we will help you make the right choice of activities.
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Comments and ratings (155)

Equipment 9.3
Staff 9.2
Hygiene 9.4
Interior 9

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8.1 1.11.2022 / 21:16

“Dobra je, ali je neverovatna guzva”

10 19.10.2022 / 13:53

“Sve super!!!”

10 18.10.2022 / 22:38

“Teretana je toliko dobro da bude cesto guzva, jedino je to problem. Ali ako proberes kad ces doci, onda bude super.”

10 19.9.2022 / 21:31

“Super su”

10 18.6.2022 / 14:35

“Čista teretana, ljubazno osoblje, nove sprave.”

10 25.5.2022 / 22:35

“Ljubazno osoblje, teretana cista,sve preporuke”

10 13.3.2022 / 24:49

“Sve preporuke!”

8.8 7.3.2022 / 14:52

“Teretana je super, ima sve što bi većini trebalo, jedino mi smeta što nemaju olimpijske tegove istog prečnika pa je malo nezgodno raditi mrtvo dizanje, snach itd.”

10 9.2.2022 / 16:05

“Predivna teretana, predobro opremljena!!!”

10 17.11.2021 / 16:18

“Osoblje je fino i korektno. Opremljenost teretane je odlično. Sve prepouke :)”

Lasla Gala 10, Grbavica, Novi Sad